Thursday, October 29, 2009


Just for fun: If I could have a "lifestyle makeover" I'd live here:

Sleep here:

Read books and watch Lost here:

And maybe even wear these clothes if I was feelin' girly:


Sunday, October 25, 2009


I love to explore the common markets in foreign countries. I've yet to come across one in the States that comes even close to those I've explored overseas. These markets are vast and sprawling and sell everything from shoes and clothes to dvds, art supplies, sheets and comforters, fabric, and fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. The pictures above were taken at the market in Monterrey, Mexico. Eric and I came across it one day exploring. We wandered about for several hours and ate lunch in a little diner down in the middle of it. I put my feet up in the chair next to me. I was worn out. We had already walked several miles in 95F heat and my feet needed the relief. I ate my enchiladas sitting by a window and watched a man sell dvds and faucet parts from his little stall on the other side of the window. You never know what you'll see or find. I do love the common markets!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The tree house is magical. It's one of my favorite things at HGM. There are always children playing under the trees. One of them might even be mine! This week there were signs that autumn was well on its way.

Monday, October 19, 2009


When did Grant stop singing "Mother Nature's Son" and start singing "Stuck in a Moment?" Somewhere along the way, his dad won him over to become a U2 fan! Actually, I'm one too. I must admit. And after MONTHS of waiting, Eric and Grant went to the U2 concert last night in Norman, Oklahoma. They left at 3:00pm for the stadium because the anticipation was so great that leaving at 4:00 was unbearable! I told them, "Hey, if it was John Denver I would have left hours ago!" That was all they needed to hear so they put their shoes on and out the door they went. I got pictures from their IPhone of the stage when they arrived and pictures of Grant standing in his seat waiting for the music to start. I remember when I was 12. My Mom and Dad bought me tickets to go see John Denver in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I was beside myself that day! (I could possibly be his biggest fan and I say this shamelessly!) I rarely said a word in school and once, when I got in trouble for talking in class, my mother PRAISED me! The day of the John Denver concert - well - I don't remember what I did but I wasn't allow to go out on the playground for recess that day. I distinctly remembered not caring one little bit! I knew how Grant felt yesterday. I knew he would remember the biggest "guys night out" with his dad his whole life. It was a big day. His first concert and with a world-wide known band. Bono did not disappoint. I heard Grant tossing and turning in his bed unable to get the excitement of the music and the concert out of his head long into the night. Sweet memories were made with a great dad. It was a night to remember!

In Eric's truck, Bono sings away. In mine, John Denver. Yep, Grant is exposed to a WIDE variety of music!