Friday, September 10, 2010


I'm so in the mood for fall.  These last hot days of summer are wearing me out.  I think we're all weary from the heat.  Hobby Lobby had a bunch of stuff on sale this week in their floral department.  I used to make wreaths with my Mom.  I haven't made one in years...until today.  I bought some things at HL and then brought them home and spread it out on the floor.  With my wire cutters in hand, I began snipping and shaping away.  This is what I ended up with:

I found these mismatched silverware for a dollar a piece at the antique store. I have a set of steel alphabet punches so I hammered out names into the handles.
Supper's ready...This is raspberry and cherry jam. It isn't hard to make - surprisingly! Stove and I are getting along better. But oven...that's a different story!Grace road her bike up to play Connect Four and Pente with Grant. They do this for hours.
Fall seems to be a time to slow down from the hectic pace that summer brings. The long shadows make the trees look magical in the late afternoon. It always brings me to a place of peace. I ran into a friend of mine at the apple orchard today. We talked about peace standing there among the apple trees with their branches heavy ladened. "The practice of peace" is something I have done since my mom got sick. I fold myself into Him, empty my mind of worries as best as I can, and let Him love me simply, sweetly and completely. I am renewed once again. He reminds me in those quiet moments of his sovereignty and that I am not blown in the wind. He cares for me emotionally. He is my friend.

Happy Almost Fall


  1. i really like this staci! i agree!


  2. What happens if Eric or Grant use one of the Staci spoons ;)